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The Meaning of Swoul:
It means to have gotten huge muscles, like swollen with muscles.

Example of Swoul:
Yo, that dude went from skinny to swoul!

Quotes of Swoul:
“Hulk Hogan ain’t swoul like me” ~The Ultimate Warrior

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The Meaning of Askhole:
A person who always asks your for your opinion or advice but never takes it and does the opposite of what you suggested.

Example of Askhole:
Dave is still staying with Wendy, even after our long talk. What a askhole.

Quotes of Galileo:
“I keep telling that Askhole the Earth is not the center of the Universe” ~Galileo

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Sexual Act Definition: Pegging.

Pegging is when your girl goes up your butt with a strap-on dildo. It is said the prostate gland inside the male butt hole makes it feel good. Maybe that’s why Stiffler liked the rubber glove in the movie road trip. There even dating sites dedicated to pegging like . Pegging puts then man into submission, where the man is relinquishing all control to the woman with as strapon; not natural for most men.

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The Meaning of Strize:
The act of striving to be the best, far beyond your other competitors.

Example of Strize:
I’m going to strize to get 250 yards in today’s game.

Quotes of Strize:
“I strize to be the best of all time” ~Muhammad Ali

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